PM confirmation of moving to Step 4 of the Roadmap – Updated on Monday, 19th July 2021

Step 4 of the Roadmap will proceed as planned on Monday 19 July 2021, the Prime Minister has confirmed. Please, be advised that despite PM's announcement, face masks will remain mandatory inside healthcare premises so that the most vulnerable people can continue to safely attend hospital, their GP surgery, pharmacy or any other healthcare settings for advice, care and treatment.

Until further healthcare guidance will be issued by our governing bodies, other infection control measures will also remain in place as standard practice for infection control and prevention such as:

  • Pre-appointment screening
  • Daily temperature checks for staff and patients
  • Social distancing measures will remain in place on our premises
  • Regular use of hand sanitiser/ handwashing
  • Card payments only (contactless is preferred)
  • Additional PPE according to current Infection Control Guidance
  • We will continue to have restrictions on leaving time between patients to allow ventilation of the treatment rooms if we perform any aerosol generating procedures (AGP). This will, unfortunately, have a direct impact on how many patients we can accommodate on a daily basis.
  • Following our Chief Dental Officer’s advice, we will continue to provide a full range of treatments, prioritising patients based on urgency and priority groups.
  • Regular use of fast lateral flow tests for all our staff members

If you need any further information, please speak to a member of staff.

Thank you very much for your continuous patience!

John O’Dea, Principal StClements Dental Care

England lockdown: Dental practices to remain open – Updated on Monday, 4th January 2021

Following the PM's announcement that a new lockdown in England will come into effect from midnight tonight, we have received confirmation from our governing bodies that all dental services in England will remain open.

StClements Dental Care is now open for routine treatment – Updated on Thursday, 13th July 2020

In addition to emergency and urgent dental treatment, we will start to slowly introduce appointments for those patients who had their routine treatment cancelled due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Where capacity will allow it, we will also accept appointment requests for routine treatment for new or already registered patients.

Please take into consideration that following current guidelines, we will still need to make every effort to reduce (and when possible, to avoid) the amount of aerosols produced during a dental treatment. Therefore, our routine ultrasonic hygiene treatment is not yet available. Until further notice, we will offer appointments for manual scaling (your dentist will be using a hand instrument to remove the build-up of plague and tartar) followed by the regular professional teeth polishing. Please visit our Dental Treatment page for updated fees.

Thank you for your continuous support and we hope you are all well and safe.

Best wishes,

John O’Dea
Principal, StClements Dental Care

We are now open for emergency and urgent dental treatment – Updated on Thursday, 23rd June 2020

Good news!

We are pleased to let you know that our doors are now open for emergency and urgent dental treatment.

If you got in touch with us during the lockdown for a dental emergency, you should expect a phone call from our team in the next few days.

Unfortunately, at this stage, routine dental treatment is not one of the services that we are able to resume. As soon as this will change we will make sure that it will be updated on the Covid-19 section on our website and on our social media channels. Please make sure you check them regularly.

Thank you very much for all your patience throughout these past weeks and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


John O’Dea
Principal, StClements Dental Care

Covid-19 Preparation for Reopening – Updated on Friday, 5th June 5 2020

Dear Patient of StClements,

You may have heard that dental practices have been allowed to open to routine care from Monday, 8th June.

We are happy to be given the green light to go back to treating our patients and we would like to let you know that we are aiming to reopen for face to face appointments sometime in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, it will not be business as usual.

We are making every possible effort to secure the necessary protective equipment to continue to keep both our patients and our staff safe. However, due to the ongoing national shortage of PPE, this will be an obstacle that we are still working very hard to overcome.

Unfortunately, we cannot book appointments until we have a guaranteed reopening date, but our lines are manned during normal opening times and a member of our staff is triaging patients needing emergency care. Please be patient with us as we will need to prioritise the patients who have been needing urgent care over the last 2 months. All our patients are important to us, but we are sure you will allow some understanding to those experiencing extreme pain.

We predict that it will take some time until we will be able to increase our flow of patients and until we will be able to provide what you knew as “normal service”, therefore, your understanding will be much appreciated.

Our community has been through a lot over the last few months, and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal habits and routines. While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety.

As you are aware, infection control has always been a top priority for our practice, and you may have noticed this during your visits to our surgery. Our infection control processes are regularly updated, follow current national guidelines and are made so that when you receive care, it’s both safe and comfortable.

You will notice some changes when you will attend your next appointment. We will go through everything when booking you in and some details will need to be confirmed once more on the day of your appointment. All these changes in protocols are meant to offer a safe environment to you and to our staff.

For example:

  • When booking an appointment, a member of our staff will need to go through a few COVID-19 screening questions with you. We will need to ask those same questions again on the day of your appointment.
  • We will have hand sanitiser that we will ask you to use as soon as you enter the practice. You will find some in the reception area and other places in the practice for you to use, as needed.
  • We will no longer have sundry items on display and cannot offer magazines or children’s toys since these items are considered an additional risk for infection.
  • Appointments will have to be booked in advance by phone or email and will be managed to allow for social distancing between patients. That might mean that you will be offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment.
  • With the exception of children attending an appointment who will be able to be accompanied by one of the parents and patients who need to be accompanied by a carer, patients should come alone. Children will not be permitted into the building to accompany adults attending for treatment.
  • A distance of at least 2 metres must be observed if another patient is present in the dental practice.
  • Payment should be made by card or bank transfer (BACS). No cash payments will be permitted. Please remember that we cannot accept payments by American Express.
  • As much as we may have missed seeing each one of you, our staff will unfortunately not be able to shake your hand.
  • If you start showing symptoms following appointment booking or if a member of your household starts showing symptoms, please contact the practice immediately.
  • Please do not arrive early for your appointment. We will kindly ask you to give us a call when you arrive and if necessary, we may have to ask you to wait in your car or outside the practice, if you travel by public transport.
  • Please do not arrive without an appointment. All enquiries and all appointments should be made by phone or email.
  • Patients should come wearing a face mask or be prepared to wear one at all times while inside the practice and not receiving care.

It is not known yet if these measures will only be temporary or if they will become a permanent feature of the way dental practices must run to ensure patient safety in the future.

We will do our best to allow greater time between patients to allow for additional infection control procedures, to minimise waiting times for you, as well as to reduce the number of patients in the reception area at any one time.

Please contact us by phone or by email if you are experiencing dental pain at present or have experienced pain during lockdown so that your treatment can be prioritised. We would also like to hear from you if you have urgent ongoing treatment which was stopped due to the lockdown. This will include those who are currently receiving orthodontic treatment.

As you may expect, our email and phones lines are extremely busy with enquiries and our team are working hard to help our patients. Please allow us time to process these calls and emails. You are important to us and you will not be forgotten.

As circumstances and official guidance change frequently, we will regularly post patient updates on our social media channels, so please make sure you follow us on Facebook at or on Instagram at to make sure you have access to the latest news.

We will also add a dedicated Covid-19 Patient Information section on our website that you will be able to check at all times.

Thank you again for your continuous patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you all in due course.

In the meantime, please stay safe.


John O’Dea
Principal, StClements Dental Care